What if you were in a relationship of control without realizing it because it has become so normal for you? If your partner keeps telling you that you will never be able to find someone better than him or her, and he manages to put you in a situation of emotional dependence, tell yourself that this is the first harbinger of a relationship. influence. Your partner has a hold on you if you always feel threatened by a possible separation at the slightest fault. In addition, your partner is constantly denigrating you or blaming you for everything.

Even though his words and actions often hurt you, you always find excuses for him. Your feelings oscillate between admiration and obsession, you cannot think badly of him or her despite the wrongdoings and toxic acts on their part. You can put up with the situation because you love him or her, but you hold out great hope that he or she will one day change inside you. All these signs are unequivocal. You are indeed under the influence of a toxic person. He or she has become the center of your world. You have no more friends. And it’s as if you no longer have relatives or relatives.

Avoid confrontation to avoid confusion

If this is what you do all day long or in the moments of more or less important decision-making in life, know that its hold on you is rooted. Even if you have your desires, your own opinions, your vision of things… you are unable to assert them. Although you are sure and certain that you are right, you prefer to choose the path of silence and do as your partner wishes. Your continual self-sacrifice is a source of frustration and, in the long run, it can lead to depression.

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Lara T.
Lara T.

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