Admitting that a relationship is coming to an end is not always easy. After sharing good times and time together, it is difficult to recognize that it is now time for your paths to part. However, certain signs are unmistakable and show that your romantic relationship is coming to an end.

Certain clues should alert you and prompt you to ask yourself the right questions. First, if there have been infidelities in your relationship but the person concerned does not feel remorse and does not want to improve the situation. Another warning sign: you no longer tolerate anything in the other person. Everything annoys you, the slightest misstep exasperates you. If you no longer want to spend time alone, you only see his faults or the things you don’t like about him, it means that something is wrong in your relationship.

A missing partnership

Before, you spent hours discussing everything and nothing, remaking the world, but now the moments of exchange are rare and the complicity seems gone. Moreover, after a few years of relationship, it is sometimes difficult to project yourself into the future. Sign that the relationship no longer brings you the fulfillment of the beginnings. You have put aside the gestures of tenderness, the tender moments and the sexual complicity of the beginnings have disappeared, so many signs which can translate an equally physical estrangement with your partner.

Aware of all these changes in your couple, you have tried to talk about them with your partner, to improve the situation. Have you also perhaps formulated the idea of ​​going to therapy together? Nothing helps and he does not try to fix things. It’s definitely time to have a serious discussion and make the right decisions.

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Lara T.
Lara T.

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