Love is a flame that needs to be kept alive. Otherwise, it goes off easily. Signs, which relate almost to changes in your partner’s behavior, make it possible to deduce that he or she does not love you or no longer really loves you. The first sign is lack of interest. If he is no longer interested in what you are doing, what you are feeling, if he is not listening, these are the signs of a love that is withering. Another unmistakable sign is when your partner gets annoyed because of your differences.

If you feel or have evidence that you are no longer a priority or that he no longer misses you, tell yourself that it may be because his feelings for you are dying out. Among other behavioral changes, it may be that he doesn’t even argue with you anymore because communication is so poor or even non-existent. This lack of argument can also translate into total indifference. Other signs such as letting go, the absence of projects or a common future… betray a love approaching its end.

Two Signs That Mean Love Is Truly Agonizing

Up to a certain point, it is always possible to salvage a relationship, and give it a second chance. But the point of no return is reached when one of the partners has simply stopped trying. It is not a simple indifference, but a abandonment, a lack of energy and the desire to continue. Speaking of cravings, if the tender and sensual moments happen less and less, it means that his love for you is nearing the end. If he or she has always been demonstrative and this is no longer the case, there is no better sign that things have changed.

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