Couple: take time for foreplay!

In many couples, foreplay is often overlooked and rushed. However, they are fully part of sexual intercourse and must be apprehended with just as much ardor as the rest. Foreplay is very important to get together, build up desire and lead to arousal.

Words, looks, caresses, massages, kisses, the important thing is to find together what gives everyone the most pleasure. Afraid of being clumsy, in a hurry or inexperienced, not all partners always know how to go about unforgettable foreplay. With your hand, his or with words, do not hesitate to guide the other on the road to pleasure. This bubble of intimacy allows you to discover the erogenous zones of the other and to have fun with their own. A breathing which changes, the body which tenses up, so many signs that it is necessary to learn to decipher and, above all, to listen.

Take care of your couple

To achieve the same level of arousal and sufficient lubrication of the vagina, a woman needs longer foreplay than a man. Obviously, foreplay does not necessarily imply penetration but can just be a parenthesis to do yourself good and take care of your couple. This moment of intimacy should allow everyone to explore, without haste or impatience, every inch of the other’s skin in search of pleasure.

In 2017, a scientific study looked at the average duration of a couple to make love. By timing the sexual antics of more than 400 American couples, the researchers then reported that the average duration was around twelve minutes. This study did not say whether the preliminaries were taken into account in this calculation. Because, the more the foreplay is done, the more the pleasure will be intense.

The foreplay, think about it! © We-Vibe WOW Tech / Unsplash

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