Couple spends ten days hanging from a tree to escape a bear

Anton and Nina Bogdanov traveled to Banniye Springs, a natural site in eastern Russia, known for the beauty of its thermal springs. They had only planned to be away for one night, but their car got stuck in a deep puddle, about 11 miles from the hot springs. The couple then spend the night in their vehicle, as The Sun relates, before walking to a tourist base the next morning for help. But this is where their journey turns into a nightmare.

On the way, Anton notices that a big beast follows them: a brown bear. “My husband was the first to see the predator. At first we scared the bear and he backed up. But then he ran after us,” Nina recalls. So the couple run as fast as they can to the river, where they climb up a tree. “I threw my water bottle at the bear to distract him, and Anton managed to climb the tree.” But the wild animal does not intend to stop there. So he in turn tries to catch the branches. Anton and Nina then throw their bags at him to force him to step back. By gradually emptying them of the food they contained, the bear remains camped there for two days. Impossible then for Anton and Nina to come down from their perch.

For 10 days, a bear tries to eat them

While the animal moves away somewhat, the two Russians take the opportunity to descend and rush into the river. “The bear was behind us and got carried away a bit by the current,” said the couple. Before catching up with them … Again at the top of a tree, the couple remains clinging to the branches for two more days.

Nina claims they were finally able to return to their car, covering short distances at a time and taking refuge in the trees on the way. “As soon as we reached the car, we heard sounds of approaching vehicles. I started to cry with happiness when I saw the cars.” Anton and Nina were particularly lucky. The region has nearly 23,000 wild bears. Four attacks were recorded in this area last year, killing two.

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