What happened to Leslie and Kevin? Since the disappearance of the couple on November 26, the police have been trying to find their trace, in vain. An investigation into the entourage and the last days of the tandem. Paris Match met the family of Leslie Hoorelbeke and that of Kévin Prat. She returns to the evening of their disappearance. Karine Prat, the young man’s mother-in-law, joined him to bring him the envelope containing the 5,000 euros to buy his car. She says that the young man had a “pale face, a little stressed”. He would have said to have crossed five strange individuals aboard a white car.

In the process, Kévin Prat, worried by this episode, would have called his father, imprisoned since October for acts of violence. Guy Trompat, known to the police and who would be entangled in several legal cases, according to The New Detective. His latest actions are strange: imprisoned, the man would publish a lot of content on his Snapchat account, from the Niort remand center. To the point of arousing suspicion about his involvement in the disappearance of the couple. Indeed, he would have offered to pay a ransom so that his son was returned to him and would have mentioned the profile of the perpetrators of the alleged facts.

Karine Prat: “Kéké is his life, his only son”

Karine Prat talks to Paris Match about the life of Guy Trompat in prison. She assures him, the man “does not dabble in any shady story”. “Today, Guy is like a lion in a cage. He lost 10 kg. Besides, Guy is not involved in any shady story. He was setting up his delivery business when he was arrested. Yes, it is an impulsive person, but you can’t blame everything on him.” Karine assures him, the man loves his son. “Kéké (Kévin, editor’s note), it’s his life, his only son. In the past, he fought for three years to have his custody …”

Is Guy Trompat involved? For the moment, nothing proves it. For the time being, the investigators have decided to opt for the criminal track regarding the disappearance of the two young people. “The legal qualification adopted at this stage, in the state of the disappearance of Ms. Leslie Hoorelbeke and Mr. Kevin Trompat, and without news from them, is a qualification of a criminal nature (arrest, kidnapping, detention or sequestration , committed against several persons and without voluntary release before the 7th day)”.

Couple missing in Deux-Sèvres: this part of Kévin's story that challenges certain theories

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