Their disappearance is now several months old. On November 25, 2022, Kevin Tompat and Leslie Hoorelbeke mysteriously disappeared after spending an evening with friends. Our colleagues from New Detective then took an interest in this case in their publication of January 11. And now, according to them, a member of the young man’s family is in prison. Indeed, during the search organized on January 5, journalists were present to collect the testimony of certain relatives. It would then seem that Kevin Tompat’s father, Guy, is imprisoned. Known as “a guy in his forties” who “evolves in gypsy circles ‘unfavorably known to the police'”, he would have been imprisoned following an “altercation” and would be cited in numerous cases judicial.

Does he have a connection with the disappearance of his son? For the moment, nothing proves it. Nevertheless, the investigators opt for the criminal track as to the disappearance of the two young people. “The legal qualification adopted at this stage, in the state of the disappearance of Ms. Leslie Hoorelbeke and Mr. Kevin Trompat, and without news from them, is a qualification of a criminal nature (arrest, kidnapping, detention or sequestration , committed against several persons and without voluntary release before the 7th day)”.

Concerned parents

Leslie’s parents are therefore very worried. “We are not an investigator, we cannot really know, but in any case, we are almost convinced now that everything starts from this evening and the fact that there is this amount of money, it brings our ideas closer together. “a crime that would be rather venal. That, there is no doubt about it. Today, we see our daughter rather as collateral damage, in fact. And that is scary”

Couple missing in Deux-Sèvres: Kevin's father and Leslie's father-in-law imprisoned

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