Sara Weaver and her husband had found the gem for their family. This house in Pennsylvania (USA) was just right in their price range. The little extra? Their children’s school is only a few meters away. So the couple do not wait, and sign directly. But when they move in and start the work, Sara and her husband did not expect to find nearly half a million small roommates …

“We did not see them when we visited the house”

The story is picked up by the Huffington Post, which shares some unusual images. In total, nearly 450,000 bees have taken over the walls of the house the Weaver family has just purchased. During the visit, the seller had warned them of the presence of the insects. But he never mentioned that the colonies were so numerous. “We didn’t see them when we visited the house,” Sara Weaver told the media. So inevitably, she and her husband do not ask themselves more questions than that when acquiring the property.

Thousands of dollars to transfer bees that have been present for 35 years

The Weaver family called on Allan Lattanzi, nicknamed “the bee man” in the area. The latter is a beekeeper, and is a specialist in the art of bee removal. And it’s not the first time he’s been to the Weaver house. 35 years ago, already, the former owner called on him to remove the bee colonies present on the ground. But, unfortunately, the one who has since died did not have the financial means to overcome the scourge.

The Weavers don’t really have a choice. They will therefore pay $ 12,000 for Allan Lattanzi to transfer all the bees to his farm, Yerkes Honey Farm. The process should take several days.

Miscellaneous © © pexels

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