Since November 25, Leslie Hoorelbeke, 22, Kévin Trompat, 21, and their dog Onyx have not been found. They were last seen at a party with friends near Niort (Deux-Sèvres). A call for witnesses was launched on December 7 after the discovery of the young man’s identity papers. But what happened to them? An investigation was quickly opened but no specific element made it possible to learn more. This Tuesday, January 31, it was the parents of the young woman who were the guests of RTL. The opportunity for them to evoke this disappearance. They first claimed to be convinced that Leslie Hoorelbeke did not run away. “She even asked us for Kevin to come over Christmas,” they revealed, putting forward the idea that the couple had no intention of leaving without telling anyone. According to them, the assumption that Leslie Hoorelbeke and Kévin Trompat are in Portugal is totally false. “For us, it’s really a version that is impossible because, by any means, she would have given us news”, indicated the mother of the young woman before adding: “Never would she have did that to her daddy, she would never have done that to her brother”. But what happened to the couple?

The information concerning the last evening of the couple is linked. In the program Sept à Huit on January 15, it was Guy, the father of Kévin Trompat, who had made some confidences. Currently incarcerated, he remembered the last call with his son, which worried him a lot. The young man had confided to him that he was very afraid that something would happen to him. “He told me, there’s a white car that slowed down in front of him with five killer heads…”, he recalled before specifying: “He said to me: ‘Dad, I had scared. I don’t know what these guys are'”. Has Kevin Trompat been assaulted? As a reminder, he had an appointment around 9 p.m. to buy a car. The young man had asked his mother-in-law for 10,000 euros. Is it really the settlement of a debt? For her part, Leslie Hoorelbeke had shown up at a party before leaving to join a friend, also around 9 p.m. This one, heard by the investigators, had affirmed that the young woman seemed to be going very well and that she had many projects. Did the couple have a bad encounter before being killed? But where are their bodies?

Kevin Trompat and Leslie Hoorelbeke: what important element was mentioned?

Kevin Trompat and Leslie Hoorelbeke remain untraceable. Numerous search parties were organized and only the young man’s belongings were found. This affair intrigues a lot and it was mentioned on the antenna of RTL. The journalist mentioned Onyx, the dog of the young woman who was at their side. According to the witnesses, no cry was heard but also… no barking. “A very striking detail”, he indicates before specifying: “As soon as there is an animal which does not manifest itself, we can say that either the people know the animal or we have silenced the animal”. Did the couple find themselves in front of a familiar person? If Onyx had felt in danger, would she have barked? Was she forced to be silent?

Couple disappeared in Deux-Sèvres: what Leslie had asked his relatives before vanishing

Kevin Trompat and Leslie Hoorelbeke © Facebook

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