King Charles III will be officially crowned on Saturday May 6, 2023.
During the ceremony, Prince William will kneel before his father.
Kate Middleton’s husband will swear allegiance as the Duke of Cornwall.

It is the most anticipated event of the year 2023 for the British. On Saturday May 6, King Charles III will be officially crowned during a ceremony that he wants shorter than that of his mother, in 1953. For the occasion, the son of Elizabeth II has decided to modernize the event and to separate from certain traditions. This is for example the case of the swearing in of the royal dukes, which will be modified for several reasons, as reported by the Sunday Times.

Indeed, in addition to shortening the ceremony, the new monarch has decided to avoid highlighting two controversial members of the royal family: Prince Andrew, Duke of York, involved in the Epstein scandal. and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, cold with his relatives, and who may not be present that day.

Prince William will be the only one to kneel before his father

If Queen Elizabeth II had seen all the royal dukes parade before her, King Charles III decided that only Prince William would swear allegiance to him. The latter is effectively the Duke of Cornwall, a title reserved for the heir to the throne. According to the protocol, the husband of Kate Middleton should kneel in front of his father, take his hands, swear to him before getting up and kissing him on the cheek.

Faced with the new British monarch, the father of George, Charlotte and Louis should take the oath by placing his hand on the crown. He might declare, “I, William, Prince of Wales, become your man of life and death, and worship on earth. Faith and truth I will bear you, to live and die against all sorts of people. That God help me.” A role now unique and essential to the smooth running of the coronation ceremony.

Coronation of Charles III: what Prince William will be the only one to do that day

King Charles III and Prince William © Agency

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