Thousands of guests are expected at the coronation of Charles III on May 6.
Charles Spencer, Lady Diana’s brother confirmed having received her invitation.
The former brother-in-law of Charles III has neither confirmed nor denied his presence at the ceremony.
It’s also unclear whether Harry will actually travel to Westminster to attend his father’s coronation.

If he took over from his mother last September, Charles III will only be officially proclaimed sovereign of England on May 6 at a coronation ceremony which will bring together thousands of prestigious guests and billions of viewers. 71 years after the coronation of Elizabeth II, Windsor Castle will become the epicenter of royal festivities for a weekend. International artists will parade on stage to celebrate the event after the solemnities of use at Westminster Abbey. If the list of guests continues to grow day after day, some uncertainties remain on the presence of certain relatives of the royal family.

Did Charles III plan to invite the brother of his previous wife, the late Lady Diana? At the microphone of Off Air on Times Radio last Monday, Charles Spencer confirmed having received the precious invitation by mail. “I would not have believed it, I think there are only two thousand people who go there, was surprised the uncle of Harry and William. But the whole royal thing … I do not find it not as interesting as the others, you know? I just live my life… People think I’m very interested in it, but it’s just a secondary aspect of my life.” It should be noted that Charles Spencer did not specify whether he will honor the royal family with his presence on May 6. The bets are open !

Will Harry attend the coronation of Charles III?

According to echoes from well-placed sources, Charles III would have planned to gather fewer guests than Elizabeth II for her coronation. The King of England is however very keen on the presence of Harry and Meghan in Westminster, despite the controversies caused by their documentary on Netflix and the publication of the memoirs of his youngest son last January. It is rumored that Buckingham Palace would have planned to organize a reconciliation ahead of the festive weekend to meet the demands of William’s little brother who would be waiting for an apology from his family. The media Page Six finally suggests that Meghan would use Archie’s birthday to avoid the royal chore of curtsying to Kate Middleton. There is (still) a storm in the air…

Coronation of Charles III: was Lady Diana's brother invited?

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