Relatives of Camilla will make an extremely rare appearance at the coronation of Charles III.
Camilla asked her five grandchildren to attend the ceremony.
Camilla is expected to lose her Queen Consort title after the coronation ceremony.
It is rumored that Camilla would inherit the title of queen.

It is a ceremony with great pomp that is being prepared in the United Kingdom. On May 6, 2023, Charles III will be officially crowned King of England at the age of 74. Buckingham Palace plans to organize no less than three days of festivities to make “this historic event” a highlight of the British crown but also to give “the opportunity for people to come together”. “The coronation is a solemn religious service, as well as an occasion for celebration and pageantry,” read an official statement. The coronation of Charles III will not derogate from the canonical rule since the ceremony will take place at Westminster Abbey where the kings of England have been crowned for 900 years.

In an article in the Sunday Times, we learn that Camilla has asked some of her relatives to make an extremely rare appearance in public. The queen consort is said to have asked her grandchildren, Lola, Freddy, Eliza and twins Louis and Gus, all aged 13 to 15, to hold the canopy under which she will receive the holy anointing alongside her husband. “This is a strong signal and quite a bold move. It’s yet another example of how the King and Queen Consort aren’t afraid to shake things up a bit to reflect realities. of modern life, of which the blended family is a central element”, notes a source close to the British crown.

Why Camilla Will Lose Her Queen Consort Title

After being anointed at Westminster, Camilla is set to lose her Queen Consort title. According to well-placed people at Buckingham Palace, the wife of Charles III will officially become queen at the end of the ceremony. Sharp observers will have already noticed a few clues scattered here and there on this profound change to come. For example, Camilla recently renamed her literary club The Dutchess of Cornwall’s Reading Room to The Queen’s Reading Room. “There is a view in the palace that the appellation ‘Queen Consort’ is cumbersome and that it might be easier for Camilla to be known simply as the queen when the time comes,” reads the DailyMail. This decision would consecrate the difficult rise of the mother-in-law of Harry and William that the British have long shunned.

Coronation of Charles III: those close to Camilla who will make an extremely rare appearance

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