An ultimatum given by Harry pisses William off.
Harry demands to receive an apology from Charles III and William on pain of not attending the coronation.
William would not intend to apologize.
Harry has still not officially given his response to Charles III’s invitation.

Time flies by at breakneck speed in the corridors of Buckingham Palace where preparations are being made for the coronation of Charles III and his queen consort. The successor of Elizabeth II plans for the occasion no less than three days of festivities across the United Kingdom. Beyond the usual ceremony at Westminster Abbey, these festivities will include a concert with illustrious artists from all over the world. Only downside: Harry who has not yet officially confirmed his presence to his father. Behind the scenes, it is rumored that the Duke of Sussex would demand to receive an apology from Charles III and William ahead of the event. An ultimatum that would put the Prince of Wales beside himself.

“I have heard that William has absolutely no intention of apologizing and that he remains furious, especially in regards to the way his wife, the Princess of Wales, has been treated, confides a relative family in an interview with MailOnline. I think Charles has to make a decision now. The King has to make a decision and I think people are on the whole disgusted with Harry.” For journalist and biographer Christopher Andersen, “Harry and Meghan may not attend the coronation.” He concludes: “It is very doubtful that they are ready to face the prospect of this kind of public humiliation again, especially on the day of the birthday of Archie”, born on May 6, which is the day of the coronation of his grandfather.

When Harry and Meghan were booed in public

Last June, Harry and Meghan had traveled from the United States to attend the jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. If they had been deprived of a balcony on the first day of the festivities, the Sussexes had nevertheless been authorized to attend the religious ceremony organized at Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London. A reporter from the Daily Express filmed the couple’s arrival, making their first public appearance there in almost two years. “The crowd reacted loudly to the arrival of Harry and Meghan: a mixture of boos and cheers”, commented our British colleague on Twitter. The same hostile reception had been reserved for Boris Johnson, whose reputation had been tarnished by the Partygate scandal during confinement.

Coronation of Charles III: this ultimatum from Harry that puts William out of his mind

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