The coronation of Charles III will take place on Saturday 6 May. In just two months, the UK will celebrate the official enthronement of its new king. If some details of this extraordinary event have already been revealed, the majority of the program of these festivities which will be followed by the whole world is not yet known. And even less of the exact role of the members of the royal family.

In a rare aside, Prince William and Kate Middleton confessed they were worried about their son Prince George’s role on the big day. Because the eldest of King Charles’ grandchildren is expected by his grandfather to have a place of choice during his coronation. If the king of England would like him to have a fundamental role, William and Kate have asked that his actions remain discreet, according to a royal expert close to the crown who wished to remain anonymous.

Charles III wants Prince George to have a special role at his coronation

While each of Charles’ five grandchildren will have a job to do, George should have more important things to do. But knowing his sometimes sulphurous temperament, Prince William and Kate Middleton have admitted that they would prefer that his role remain limited. Asked about this very specific point, Roya Nikkhah, the Sunday Times’ royalty specialist editor, said that “everyone is very enthusiastic, but George will have an official role which will remain discreet”.

The latter went further: “They are aware that he will return to school on Tuesday after the coronation and his parents do not want him to be overwhelmed with attention. He will play an official, but modest role”. If for the moment the final list of guests and the roles of the members of the royal family remain to be defined, the fact that Prince George is present will break with the old tradition because during the last ceremonies, no direct heir had taken part. to the congregation.

Coronation of Charles III: this tailor-made role prepared in secret for Prince George

What role will George have at the coronation of Charles III? © Backgrid UK

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