The coronation of Charles III will take place on May 6, 2023.
He would have liked to have two international singers.
The artists would have refused the invitation.

A few weeks before the coronation of Charles III, Buckingham Palace is in the preparations. Nothing should be left to chance for this very important day which will take place on May 6, 2023, nearly 70 years after that of Elizabeth II. Indeed, it took place on June 5, 1953. For the occasion, thousands of Britons will be present. But the event will be broadcast live across the world. To make the day exceptional, a pharmacist would work in secret for eight months on a new anointing oil for the coronation. It is not only the coronation that is important. Indeed, all the festivities that will take place around are just as strong in the eyes of the father of princes William and Harry.

He would also like the party to be organized the day after the ceremony, at Windsor Castle, to mark the spirits. A concert will also be broadcast live on television. According to information from the Mail on Sunday, Charles III would have expressed wishes for singers for this concert. Only, it seems that two of them declined the invitation. They are Adele and Ed Sheeran.

Lionel Richie, Harry Styles and the Spice Girls expected at the concert in honor of Charles III

“They were on this list. The king was very keen for them to participate in the concert, it’s a huge disappointment. They are showbiz giants, […] known all over the world. It’s shameful” , a source close to Buckingham told the newspaper. Still according to the tabloid, the reason given by the artists is an overly busy schedule during the coronation of Charles III. Only, other stars would have already accepted the invitation such as Lionel Richie, Harry Styles and even the Spice Girls (with or without Victoria Beckham).

Coronation of Charles III: these two superstars who will let him down

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