The coronation of Charles III is fast approaching.
The program of this ceremony is unveiled over the days.
It is an event that is highly anticipated.

This is an event that is eagerly awaited by the British. Thursday, September 8, 2022, the death of Elizabeth II was announced. As indicated in a press release by the palace of Buckingham Palace, the sovereign died “peacefully at Balmoral” after 70 years of reign. It is his son, King Charles III, who succeeds him, and his coronation ceremony will take place from May 6 to 8, 2023. In the show C à Vous this Friday, February 3, it is Jérôme Carron, journalist, who made some confidences. “The places will be expensive”, he first launched before specifying: “He wants a tighter monarchy, which costs less since we go from 8,000 guests for the coronation of Elizabeth II to 2,000 “. A very significant decrease. “We are going to make fewer petits fours,” laughed the journalist. Charles III’s choices for his coronation are very thoughtful. “We are in something new, which must mark an evolution”, continued Jérôme Carron before adding: “He has a real challenge, that of passing after 70 years of reign of someone who has marked the spirits, the century and the country”. In addition, Charles III must also “continue the job of kings and queens, perpetuate an institution which surpasses them and which they inherited”, he assures.

Charles III gradually prepares the ceremony for his coronation and he wants it to be very different from that of his mother. “It has to stick as much as possible to the time, which is in great difficulty”, recalls Jérôme Carron. “He is aware of it, he spends his time traveling and meeting associations and companies”, continues the journalist who also adds: “He makes lunches, he is very advanced in sharing. is to suggest to his fellow citizens to participate in a voluntary, charitable action”. As a reminder, Buckingham Palace had announced that Monday, May 8 will be a public holiday. “Charles III wants to open up as much as possible and make this ceremony transparent”, assures Jérôme Carron. For this, he made very different choices than for Elizabeth II. “The last was in 1953, it lasted almost four hours. There were extremely complicated parts in Latin,” he recalled. Another major difference? “There is also this famous canopy and Charles III wants it to be held not by royal guards but by children from different communities,” concluded the journalist.

The coronation of Charles III: a highly anticipated event

For this special occasion, only 2,000 people will be invited. It remains to be seen whether Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, will make the trip. Charles III appealed to Justin Welby, to whom he is very close, to try to convince the Duke of Sussex. Will he achieve it? The answer on May 6th. In a press release, Buckingham Palace revealed some information about this day. The ceremony will take place at Westminster Abbey on Saturday morning, May 6, 2023, and it will, as tradition dictates, be led by the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, the spiritual leader of the Church of England. “The coronation is a solemn religious service, as well as an occasion for celebration and pageantry”, we could read, before it was specified that it will be “oriented towards the future, while while being rooted in traditions and a long-standing pageantry”. The following day, festivities will take place “across the country” including a special concert, which will take place in Windsor, and which will be broadcast on the BBC. The list of “international music icons and contemporary stars” has not yet been released.

Coronation of Charles III: "the places will be...", the astonishing indiscretions of an expert in C à vous

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