King Charles III of England will be crowned on May 6.
The coronation of Charles III of England will be celebrated for three days and is eagerly awaited by the British.
For the coronation concert, King Charles III has invited a longtime friend.

Hello, All Night Long, Say You Say Me… titles whose author and performer need no introduction. The 73-year-old American singer will perform at the coronation concert of King Charles III of England. The coronation of the British monarch, 74, is a long-awaited event in the UK and around the world. For this historic event, the BBC has promised the participation of “contemporary musical icons and stars”. Lionel Richie is not just a music icon. The Sun reveals in its February 10, 2023 article that the former Commodores member is a close and longtime friend of Charles III as well.

“The American is a longtime friend and supporter of the 74-year-old King, and he is the global ambassador for the Prince’s Trust of Charles,” the British tabloid reveals. The artist with 100 million records sold worldwide will perform before King Charles III of England and Queen Consort Camilla Parker-Bowles. Some 10,000 spectators will have the privilege of watching the megastar live on the lawn of Windsor Castle on May 7. Millions of viewers will watch the event from home.

The coronation of Charles III: the historic event promises to be a Mega-Gig

The coronation festivities of King Charles III of England will bring together stars and personalities. Apparently, the Spice Girls would reform even for the occasion, reveals The Sun. In any case, what is certain is that the actor Tom Cruise will be there. The American actor even interrupted the filming of his latest film to attend the three days of festivities for the coronation of the son of Elizabeth II. As for Lionel Richie, a source said: “The King respects all of his Ambassadors and particularly appreciates Lionel’s unwavering support of his Prince’s Trust. They have met several times over the years and shared a bond as they are all two of a very similar age”.

Coronation of Charles III: the name of the first star present revealed

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