Next May, Charles III will be crowned King of England.
Will Prince Harry be there?
According to a source interviewed by The Sun, the Duke of Sussex would not be welcome

Next May, Charles III will be crowned. But now that since the revelations of his son, Prince Harry, in his Harry & Meghan series and in his memoirs, called The Substitute, it seems that Prince William’s brother is not really welcome at this ceremony. Indeed, the Crown would be very concerned about the disclosure of private conversations. A source told The Sun: ‘There have been discussions within the family, including Edward and Anne. They do not want private conversations at the Coronation to be incorporated into the paperback edition of Spare.’

It must be said that Prince Harry is determined to reveal everything. Thus the concern of the British family seems legitimate. Indeed, the Duke of Sussex does not hesitate to scratch his brother. While everyone thought Prince Harry was his big brother’s best man at his wedding, that wouldn’t be the truth, according to statements from the Duke of Sussex. “The day before the wedding, Willy and I dined at Clarence House with Dad. James and Thomas, Willy’s best man, were there too. It had been announced to the public that I was the best man, but it was actually a beautiful lie”.

Prince Harry lets loose

A distortion of the truth that would have had only one goal: “It was what the public wanted, the Palace had seen no other option but to confirm it. In truth, however, Willy did not want that I could make a speech. He thought it was too risky to put a microphone in my hands, he was afraid that I would slip up. That I would say something completely inappropriate. He was not wrong, “wrote the husband again by Meghan Markle. With this lie, the Palace had also protected the real witnesses of Prince William, James and Thomas.

Coronation of Charles III: Prince Harry "not welcome"

King Charles III and Prince Harry © Agency

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