We know the identity of the first guest at the show for the coronation of Charles III next May.
Lionel Richie will perform on stage at Windsor Castle for the occasion.
Other British artists will parade on stage.
It is rumored that the Spice Girls will reform.

The first weekend of May 2023 will be marked by music in the United Kingdom. Buckingham Palace is indeed planning to organize a big show broadcast by the BBC on Saturday to celebrate the coronation of Charles III. Artists from all over the world will parade on the stage set up at Windsor Castle. This grandiose cast is already revealed with a first name: Lionel Richie, a singer that Charles III would appreciate all the more as he is one of the most unwavering supporters of his charitable organization, The Prince’s Trust. “They have met several times over the years,” a source close to the king told The Sun. Other big international stars are also suspected of appearing on Charles III’s wish list.

Britain’s most famous artists should pay homage to their king at Buckingham in the present. The craziest rumors evoke a reformation of the Spice Girls in full force for the occasion. Others put forward the name of Paul McCartney. “The royal organizers are very excited to bring him in for this unique historical spectacle,” says an obviously knowledgeable anonymous source. If no artist has yet been confirmed, we do know that a choir from all over the United Kingdom will perform in front of Charles III before the highlight of the show, the simultaneous illumination of emblematic places of the country with a technical device complex involving drones, lasers and projections.

These guests pressed by Charles III to give their answer

We stopped believing it would happen. And yet, Harry and Meghan will soon receive an invitation to attend the ceremony on May 6. Will come? Will not come? According to The Express, the Sussexes are in a hurry to give their answer as soon as possible. “The Sussexes will not have much time to decide on a possible jump to the other side of the Atlantic, because the response cards are expected for the beginning of April”, explain our British colleagues. If Harry honors his father with his presence, it will then be necessary to take care not to install him too close to his brother to avoid comments and comparisons which would divert attention from the ceremony. It is also without counting on Sarah Ferguson who is about to speak on the Sussexes and the late Queen Elizabeth II the day before the publication of her romance novel inspired by her life, A Most Intriguing Lady, on March 7 next. Watch out for breakage!

Coronation of Charles III: a first international star announced to participate in the big show

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