A few weeks ago, Coralie Dubost’s life literally changed. The former deputy of La République en Marche gave birth to a child. And this Wednesday, August 24, 2022, the politician shared two touching photos of her newborn baby, which fills her with happiness. In the first photo, we can see the former MP facing the sea, her child in her arms. On the second, his fans were moved by the small hand of this infant holding the fingers of his mother. As a caption, the politician simply wrote: “7 weeks of you”.

Coralie Dubost seems more peaceful now. While pregnant, the politician found herself in turmoil last May, following her expenses. She had thus preferred to withdraw from political life to put out the fire: “Staying faithful to my values ​​today means protecting the child I am carrying from all the vicissitudes of exposure and political life and devote myself to my family”. Now with her child, the former MP lives happy days.

Coralie Dubost, fulfilled alongside her baby

And one thing is certain, this little being has been widely desired. Indeed, Coralie Dubost took a long time to get pregnant: “It was not a career choice at all. It’s the chance of life, encounters, moments and personal things. I don’t do part of those who assess a woman’s maternal ability by the fact that she founded a career before and after, during. Anything is possible”. The very independent politician, will teach this taste for freedom to her baby, as her father had done before, he who died last March: “I have always had a taste for independence, autonomy That’s not to say I’ve always made it, I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life and I’ve had a lot of people to help me, I didn’t make it on my own.”

Coralie Dubost mom: the deputy shares a first snapshot of her 7-week-old baby

Coralie Dubost © Panoramic


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