At the age of 21, Satu Nordling Gonzalez was convinced that she would never have children. Devastated by a miscarriage, she also had a scarred uterus. A factor that greatly increased her chances of having a high-risk pregnancy. At the time, her ovulation had stopped due to stress. The Swede thought she would never be a mother. But fate would have it otherwise! Two years later, in 2008, she gave birth to her little Nicole. Nine other children followed: Vanessa, 13, twins Jonathan and Danilo, 12, Olivia, 9, Kevin, 8, Celina, 7, Isabelle, 4, Melania, 2, and Benjamin , 1 year.

Satu did not stop there. The Swede, now 36, has continued to expand her lovely family. With her husband Andrea, a construction worker from Uruguay, she welcomed her eleventh offspring. Her boy, whose first name is still secret, showed up on November 11. A nice coincidence! Happier than ever, the 30-year-old did not fail to announce the happy event on Instagram: “Hello everyone, here is a photo taken just after her birth. Baby n°11 arrived yesterday, November 11 at 12:55 p.m. Everything went well and he is healthy. I am head over heels in love with this little boy. He is perfect.”

A caring mother with her children

Very organized, Satu starts her day at 6:30 in the morning. She changes her babies’ diapers, cooks breakfast and wakes the elders up for school. She then tackles household chores. To keep her household in order, the Swede has put a very strict schedule in place. When her children come home from school, they have a snack and then do their homework. The mom then cooks dinner while they play in their rooms. When they are in bed, she savors this moment of respite with her husband. “Being a mother is a real job and a huge sacrifice. Sometimes I’m exhausted, but the smiles and the love of my children are the best rewards,” she confides to the Mirror.

Convinced that she would never have children, this woman has just given birth to the eleventh


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