It’s revenge that sends shivers down your spine. In Kenya, a 36-year-old man decided to seal his wife’s vagina with Super Glue after finding out she was cheating on him with 4 men.

Following this act, his wife felt excruciating pain and could no longer urinate. Neighbors then came to her rescue and took her to the emergency room where she was treated.

He wanted to “save their marriage”

Denis Mummo was thus arrested by the police and then placed in pre-trial detention. The 36-year-old explained to the police that he wanted revenge on his wife after learning of her cheating with 4 men and that he also did so to “save their marriage”.

The man said that he works far from his home, and that his wife took the opportunity to cheat on him with several men in his absence. He says he has learned that different men have been seen in his house and has proof of these liaisons. He also revealed that he discovered exchanges between his wife and another man with a photo of his naked wife and explicit messages.

Denis Mummo had to respond to the charges against him of domestic violence and damage to his wife’s reproductive organs, which could have made her sterile, but if he too decides to file a complaint, his wife will risk 100 strokes. whipping for his adulteries.

A man glued his wife’s vagina with Super Glue in revenge © Pixabay

Lara T.
Lara T.

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