He is known as Torso Killer. Sentenced for eleven murders, this American serial killer has just admitted to five others, which occurred in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He confessed to the murder of five women on Long Island. From his real name, Richard Cottingham, he is nicknamed Torso Killer for cutting off the heads and limbs of his victims. He then claimed to be responsible for one hundred murders. This former computer programmer had a chilling modus operandi.

Indeed, for the murder of Diane Cusick, the investigators will discover that he followed her to her car. Arrived at his height, he approaches him pretending to be a policeman. Then accuses her of theft before subduing her and then shooting her. During the autopsy, traces of blows to the face had been found by the medical examiner. But at the time, it was impossible to analyze the DNA traces present on the young woman’s body or at the crime scene. It was in 2016 that Richard Cottingham’s DNA was recorded. He was then convicted of murder.

Confessions thirty years later

Thus, the investigators made the connection with five other women killed, whose murders had not been elucidated. It was during his hearing that the man confessed to having killed four other women, in the years 1972 and 1973. He “received immunity from prosecution for the four other murders. At the end of his trial, he is sentenced to 25 years’ imprisonment and will end his life behind bars”. “Today is one of the most emotional days we have ever had at the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office. In the case of Diane Cusick, her family has waited nearly 55 years for someone to be held accountable. of his death,” prosecutor Anne Donnelly told a press conference reported by The Guardian.

Convicted, a terrifying serial killer makes new chilling revelations

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