Containment: I cut my boyfriend’s hair (a first, and it’s not necessarily won!)

It’s not easy to improvise yourself as a hairdresser / hairdresser overnight … To have the right scissors or even clippers and master these little animals perfectly … you still have to get up early to avoid household scenes even the big shouting matches, if I may … Trend, advice and little shopping just to ensure a little …

The trend of the moment

Phew, “she’s medium haired for men this year. No super short hair! This is surely due to the confinement. So no stress if men let their hair grow lightly, it stays in the current trend. ! ” . Make way for technique.

With scissors

“On damp hair and well combed from top to bottom, we will come with the tip of the scissors (very important to avoid big knocks and holes!), Delimit the contours of the cut. Start from the left temple and do all the turn towards the right temple. This technique will allow us to obtain our control length for the rest of the cut. Using the comb we will select a wick just above the ear of about 1 cm thickness and 5 cm in length. Place the wick previously selected between the index and middle fingers of the left hand (if you are right-handed) while having the fingers parallel to the skull. (The length of hair to be cut was determined by the cut length made during the outline step.). Cut again with the tip of the scissors to avoid holes. Carry over this technique, first all around the head. Then finish, with exactly the same technique, on the top of the head. To finish, if necessary with a small trimmer finish, cut the small hairs that could protrude on the nape of the neck or on the contours of the head. Be careful, it is always advisable to cut slightly more on the sides than on the top of the head to avoid having a too round result in the regrowth. “

At the mower

“The movement must be circular. Place the clipper against the head, go up then at the end of the gesture, bring the end of the clipper towards you. This gesture will make it possible to avoid marking the hair too much and therefore the bars. do not hesitate to train before, the mower off … “

“Isolate the hair from the top of the head. And start with the left temple going all the way around until you reach the right temple, making movements from the nape of the neck upwards. Remember to always start with the larger hoof. . This will allow you to realize the existing length and the length to be cut. If it is too long, change the shoe until you have the desired length. Go down 1 cm each time by changing the shoe or by modifying the clipper wheel (be careful not to change the shoe too drastically under penalty of bars) repeat the operation until you reach the contours of the skull. On the top of the head, you can either take the hair in your fingers as for the scissors cut, either cut them with the clipper with a length slightly greater than the maximum length carried out on the temple to avoid a round and badly proportioned regrowth. Remember to make the junction between the top of the head and the sides with a shoe slightly longer than that of the sides but slightly shorter than that of the top. Again, do not hesitate to trim the hair that protrudes but delicately … “

Reconfinement obliges … ©

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