And two: the Queen did not attend the mass given at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London this Thursday, June 3, following discomfort felt the day before, and on June 4, she will not attend the derby either. of Epsom, even though she is passionate about the sport. It is the disarray that gradually wins over his subjects and the rest of the Windsors, very worried about their queen to whom they are very attached.

A mixed jubilee for Elizabeth II

Happy to be able to celebrate this great celebration, for an incredible record of longevity, Elizabeth II, however still saddened by the disappearance of her husband, will have to, because of her fatigue, follow the rest of the festivities given in her honor behind her television set, as revealed by British media, The Sun. It is Princess Anne, her daughter, who will represent her during the derby, during which the jockeys who have already ridden her horses had planned a guard of honor for their queen. And as if that were not enough, Elisabeth II will not attend the big concert given in honor of the jubilee on Saturday evening June 4, during which Alicia Keys and Duran Duran will perform, among others.

A privileged meeting with her great-granddaughter Lilibet, for the queen

Unable to participate in the celebrations, the queen will however be able to take advantage of Lilibet, the youngest daughter of her grandson Harry, whom she was only able to meet for the first time on June 3. The little girl, who celebrates her birthday on June 4, will have the chance to have the queen all to herself, on the occasion of her first birthday, she who bears her first name, as her father wished. This may ease tensions between the Sussexes and the Windsors, although on closer inspection it may not be enough.

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