A love story that lasts! Saturday August 7, 2010, it was after four years of love that Robbie Williams and Ayda Field said ‘yes’ to each other. Together, the couple had four children: Theodora (10 years old), Charlton (8 years old), Colette (4 years old) and Beau (2 years old). Since they became parents and their children do not fully sleep, the sex life of the couple would be reduced to nothing. In a new episode of his podcast, Postcards from the Edge, the singer’s wife joked, “I can’t really remember the last time I went to bed with Rob around the same time he did. .When there was a romance, when that happened, yes, there would be a common sleeping place just out of physical need.” Ayda Field added: “Now it’s completely dead. It’s been erased by four kids. There’s really no need to go to bed at the same time. It’s just a communal workspace now. “

Taking things with humor, the wife of Robbie Williams slipped: “I might as well make the bed a ping-pong table and we could just play once in a while. And stray into other corners to sleep. ” In addition, she assured that for some time her husband had been snoring. If she tries to “push” or “hit” him, that wouldn’t change a thing. “I have girlfriends who tell me, ‘Just sleep in another room.’ But then I’m like, ‘My God, so we’re officially just roommates. We might as well be brother and sister.'” A few months earlier, the singer had assured that his wife gave him “everything ‘he wanted’ in the bedroom. He said: “My thing in the 90s was sex with strangers, I didn’t know if I would be able to give it up.”

Robbie Williams: Why did he want to run away when his wife was pregnant?

The father of four children, the singer was afraid of not being up to the task and considered running away when his wife was pregnant with their first child. In September 2012, he had indeed confided in an interview with the Sun: “I know it’s normal to say: ‘It’s a miracle, it’s a f****n miracle’, but she really is (…) When Ayda became pregnant, I repeated for a week: ‘I didn’t want this. But I was just scared. There were times when I wanted to run away. I admit it. I was like, ‘I’m not old enough for this, I’m still a kid myself,’ but in the end, it worked. (…) I think that sometimes Ayda does not understand my worries.” With humor, Robbie Williams had added: “I told him that I had to change a few nappies to calm my anxiety.”

"Completely dead": Robbie Williams' wife cashes in on their sex life

Robbie Williams and Ayda Field © OLIVIER BORDE

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