A wedding is always memorable. Marrying the one you love by bringing families and friends together to celebrate this new life together leaves all couples with lasting memories.

But for Kristin Robinson, her marriage was unforgettable for another reason. Colorblind, the young bride was able, for the very first time in her life, thanks to a pair of special glasses, to discover the world in color.

A common deficiency

Kristin, originally from Harleysville, Pennsylvania, USA, has always lived with red-green color blindness. This means that, for the young woman, pinks and purples do not exist. Quite common, color blindness qualifies as a difficulty in distinguishing between shades of red, yellow and green. While the majority of people with this visual impairment learn to live with it without noticeable problems, color blindness can sometimes make it difficult to distinguish between foods, drugs and road signs.

Many discoveries

Affecting one in 12 men and one in 200 women, Kristin is therefore one of these “exceptions”. However, thanks to a pair of special glasses, her marriage has become even more fabulous. As soon as she arrived at the altar, the young woman was able to discover, for the very first time, the color of the eyes of her fiancé, Nick. Kristin was also able to marvel at her bouquet of flowers, pink and white, which she thought was all white. “It’s so cool” she confided in the video posted on social networks. “Are those pink flowers?” I have never seen anything like it! she added, indicating that she had always dreamed of it. The couple, who got married at Disney World, spent their evening watching the fireworks. And Nick, newlywed, slipped, emotional about Kristin and her glasses: “I am so happy. I get chills thinking about it.”

Colorblind, she sees colors for the first time on her wedding day


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