Incredible but true. On November 30, the trailer for Cocaine Bear was unveiled, a film directed by Elizabeth Banks which, as hard as it may be to believe, is indeed based on real events. It all happened in 1985, in the United States, on September 11 to be exact. As our colleagues from Franceinfo tell, that day the corpse of Andrew Thornton, a notorious drug trafficker, was discovered in Knoxville, in the state of Tennessee. After proving dead, authorities search the body and find two firearms, more than $4,500 in cash and the keys to an airplane. The same plane that will finally be found, shortly after, in the mountains of North Carolina after having visibly crashed.

A dispatch from the Associated Press at the time reports that, to avoid dying in the crash of the plane which was apparently carrying a large dose of cocaine, the pilot, Andrew Thornton, jumped. However, this will not prevent him from dying. A few days after this crash, a dead bear was in turn discovered in the forest, then was autopsied by a medical examiner. His conclusions were clear: the animal had suffered from a cerebral hemorrhage, from respiratory, renal and cardiac insufficiency, from hyperthermia and finally from a stroke… He had several grams of cocaine in his blood.

The film is released on March 15, 2023.

A story that largely inspired Elizabeth Banks, who obviously took some liberties to adapt this strange news story into a film script. As the trailer shows, the film’s cocaine bear seems to have some of the weirdest behavior that’s only based on speculation. It is however interesting to know that the base of the film was not invented, and that it risks making this famous bear even more famous than it already is… The film will be in theaters next March 15.

Cocaine Bear: the shocking story behind Elizabeth Banks' film

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