A breathtaking story. On October 16, Cleo Smith, a four-year-old girl, was reported missing while she went camping with her family in Western Australia. It was around six in the morning that her mother discovered the open family tent and immediately noticed the absence of her eldest daughter. Quickly, significant land, air and sea resources, mobilizing a hundred police officers, had been deployed to find the little girl. A miracle happened this Wednesday, November 3 when Cleo Smith was found safe and sound in a locked house, not far from where she had disappeared. That same day, the police were able to arrest a 36-year-old man suspected of being behind the kidnapping and kidnapping of the girl. Wounded following his arrest, he was hospitalized before being repatriated to the police station in order to “be questioned”, declared commissioner Rod Wilde, in charge of the investigation.

They are waiting for answers. The disappearance of Cleo Smith had upset the Australians who had quickly supported the family of the little girl. When she was found, everyone was very relieved and they would now like to know the reasons for this kidnapping, just like those close to Cleo Smith and the investigators. According to the first elements of the investigation, it would seem that the 36-year-old man “acted alone”, said Rod Wilde before specifying that his “indictment should take place during the day of this Thursday”. Regarding the kidnapping, the commissioner considered that it would have “not been planned and would be simply opportunistic”. The prime suspect has no ties to Cleo Smith’s family and is charged with several charges including the forcible abduction of a child under 16. He will be kept in detention until his next appearance, scheduled for December 6.

Cleo Smith: How’s the little girl?

“Our family is complete again,” said Ellie Smith, Cleo Smith’s mother, on her Instagram account. For his part, Cameron Blaine, one of the police officers who made it possible to find the little girl, assured that this “rescue is simply incredible. It is very rare. It is something that we hoped for with all our hearts and that” has become reality “. Subsequently, he clarified that Cleo Smith is “as good as we could have hoped for under such circumstances. She was taken care of by a medical team, but was able to find her parents,” he concluded. .

Cleo Smith © Capture Twitter WA Police

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