It’s a blow for Clémentine Sarlat. As she announced via her Instagram account on Monday, June 27, 2022, her two daughters June and Jasmine have been hospitalized for a few days. “Since Friday, June has been hospitalized. Since last night, Jasmine has also been hospitalized next to her sister. They have caught a virus that they are struggling to fight and it’s hard for her and for us. They are very well supported but it is a difficult and stressful experience, we are not going to lie to each other“she explained in story.

Cared for at the Pellegrin Hospital Group, the daughters of Clémentine Sarlat must remain lying down for the time being. A difficult situation to live for the sports journalist who watches tirelessly at their bedside. On the pictures revealed by Clémentine Sarlat, we can see her in the hospital, in a waiting room, looking a little tired. “It’s scary to have to bring your children to the emergency room. So, we adapt and we do FaceTime 3 when our family is separated. Fortunately, we are well surrounded”, she puts it into perspective.

Clémentine Sarlat: how many children does she have?

As a reminder, Clémentine Sarlat is the mother of three children. With her husband the rugby player Clément Marienval, the young woman gave birth to her first daughter Ella in September 2017. The same month of the year 2020, she welcomed a second daughter named Jasmine. Then, in February 2020, Clémentine Sarlat expanded the family with the arrival of June. It is therefore all together that they take advantage of every moment of everyday life. Moreover, if she was initially reserved, Clémentine Sarlat accepts more and more to share her happiness with her community.

Clémentine Sarlat and her daughters © Instagram


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