Raped when she was a teenager, Claudia Cardinale became a mother at the age of twenty. In an interview with Le Monde, the icon of the cinema had assured: “I would not have arrived there if the birth of my little boy, following a rape, had not pushed me to engage in the cinema to earn my living and be independent. It was for him that I did it. For Patrick, this baby that I wanted to keep despite the circumstances and the enormous scandal that a birth out of wedlock could cause. I was very young, fierce, modest, almost savage. And without the slightest desire to show myself off on movie sets. ” While she had been protected by the producer Franco Cristaldi, who had made her turn pregnant, the star explained: “Nobody realized it, because the size of the clothes, then, was located just under the breasts. “

Recalling the birth of Patrick, Claudia Cardinale explained, “My delivery was quietly organized in London. And that’s how the baby was named Patrick. Because he was baptized at St Patrick’s Catholic Church. The same producer had the idea to tell that the baby was my little brother. And I was forced to accept this lie to avoid scandal and protect my career. ” As the lie became a burden, the actress said, “When Patrick was 6 or 7, I called a reporter and confessed that he was my son. It was a weird time, you know, where the actors were totally dependent on a producer with whom they were under contract, therefore bound hand and foot. I quickly went through successes, made four films a year, but I remained an employee as a simple employee and did not was not free from my outings, my makeup and my personal life. “

The man who raped Claudia Cardinale tried to contact her again

If she does not know much about her son’s father, the latter had wanted to recognize Patrick. The actress explained: “I learned much later that my son’s father had sent me many letters, which the producer tore up without ever telling me. He wanted to recognize the child. . When I found out and asked Patrick to see if he wanted to get to know him, he categorically refused. It was all very tormenting. And my son suffered from it. But today he is addressing the issue. In his sixties. And we have fortunately kept both him, who now lives in Rome, after New York, and I who live in Paris, an excellent relationship. Family is essential. “

Claudia Cardinale © Giancarlo Gorassini

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