In October 1997, Claude Lastennet was imprisoned for having murdered five old ladies in the 90s. This serial killer has long been an enigma for investigators. And for good reason, he never expressed the slightest feeling in relation to his victims. Worse still, he used the third person to talk about his crimes. During his hearings, he designated a demonic being who looked like him and who would be the culprit according to his words. Our colleagues from RTL interviewed Claude Lastennet’s lawyer. The professional thus defends a split personality in his client.

“A split personality in which one of the two parts was evil,” he explains. During the investigation, the serial killer is subjected to numerous psychological tests. And experts have never considered Claude Lastennet to have dementia. According to them, the killer was disturbed. In 2012, the man can request a release. But he won’t. Indeed, his lawyer explains that a third personality appeared almost 30 years after the facts. “He is ready to go out whereas a long time ago, he deferred this desire. All the shrinks come to say that there is no longer any danger in him. He has conquered his demons and I believe him. The Lastennet who killed is dead,” he says.

“Today is another character who is extremely fragile”

According to his lawyer, Claude Lastennet would therefore be ready to leave prison: “Today, he is another, a character who is extremely fragile and who is afraid of himself as of his shadow, but would like to come out for the first once accompanied by an escort.” According to his defense, his demonic double would thus be a thing of the past.

Claude Lastennet case: what becomes of the serial killer of old ladies?

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