Clara Morgane: what is her view of her career as an actress in pornographic films?

For four years, Clara Morgane has devoted herself to the cabaret. If she also continues to pose for her calendars, the young woman of 39 years indeed wishes to diversify. Despite everything, she absolutely does not deny her past. Invited in the Jarry Show, available on YouTube, Clara Morgane revealed with a smile: “There are lots of people who think that I don’t want to talk about it while I love to talk about it except that is not the only subject of my life! ” Indeed, she has not acted in a pornographic film for sixteen years! Remembering that time, the pretty blonde explained: “Me, I did that with a lot of innocence, I always said it, I was 19 years old … So I was just a normal girl who s ‘burst and who wanted to experiment except that it was filmed. ”

If she takes a benevolent look at her debut, Clara Morgane stressed that it was not her career as a pornographic actress that had made her known to the general public: “I did not become a star, because the people got to know me afterwards. They knew me as a presenter of the Hard Journal which I presented for seven years so that’s where my notoriety was born, but nobody talks about it! ” Finally, she confided: “I would absolutely not change a comma, because in the end, that is to say now, I found the ideal man, especially I have the most wonderful little girl and I’m fulfilled. Professionally, I play on stage, so what do you want to change? I would be afraid of the butterfly effect and that in the end there is no such result. ”

“My daughter is not going to discover me at 15”

Mother of a little girl soon to be five, the star revealed that she was not afraid of the reaction of the latter, as for her career: “There are plenty of people who tell me or who think, d ‘elsewhere I saw that on social networks when I did Dance with the stars, it amused me,’ But how is she going to do one day to tell him everything? ‘ It was almost that and it amused me a lot because, that is to say that we live with children in 2020. We are not in the Middle Ages, they live our lives, they understand our fears, our hesitations … Me, my daughter, she sees me living, she knows that I am a model, she sees calendars … We are not going to hide things so it’s not as if I was going to catch my girl at 15: ‘I have to talk to you, mom has things to tell you.’ My daughter is not going to discover me at 15, she lived with me. In fact, I am not hiding anything about my life and my way of thinking from her. ”

Finally, Jarry asked the pretty blonde, “Imagine there is a 15-16 year old girl who comes to you and says, ‘Hello ma’am, what’s your advice, I would like to be successful in porn.’ To which she replied: “I would tell her that there are plenty of other options in life. I tell her not to do it if she can. It’s not a classic course (…) But it’s so difficult afterwards to prove that we are not just that. Me, I assume it, but it is difficult. ”

Clara Morgane © VEEREN

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