Clara Luciani has not always had a happy life. During her childhood, she was particularly the target of many criticisms. This is in any case what she confided in the columns of the Journal du Dimanche, October 17, 2021. While evoking her new song, J’sais pas plaire, she said that she was inspired of his bad childhood memories to write the lyrics. “This song is a self-portrait of me as a child and teenager. At school I was the Ugly Duckling. At 11, I was already five feet tall, collecting nicknames like ‘the giraffe’ or ‘the’ asparagus’, and I had such a deep voice that I was put in the boy’s choir, “she said.

“I laugh about it today, even if I keep some after-effects, like all mocked children,” she said. Only today the singer can be confident in herself. The singer is talented and she has many fans who come to applaud her on stage during her concerts. Moreover, before finding her audience, Clara Luciani revealed that she really had the leaflet. In order to convince him, she imposed a ritual on herself. “I don’t believe in God but I make the sign of the cross before each concert”, she declared, before giving another of her tips to achieve singing: “I drink a little glass of red for the voice . “

Clara Luciani needs a lucky charm

Finally, so that she succeeds in getting into her bubble, she also installs many lucky charms in her dressing room. “I have (…) two photos: my grandmother with my first album and my sister and I as kids, disguised for a show that we had prepared for our parents,” she further explained. With all these rituals, the artist manages to get on stage and have fun.

Clara Luciani © COADIC GUIREC

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