On June 1, 2022, Cindy Bruna revealed herself in a book, entitled The day I stopped being afraid, in which she confides with an open heart on the many violence of which she has been the victim. In an interview for the magazine Public, the model talks about the racist criticism she received as a child: “I didn’t realize it because I didn’t know what it was. ‘had never explained”, she begins by evoking. But it was at school that she understood: “When they called me ‘grilled baguette’. ‘Grilled’ because I am mixed race and ‘baguette’ because I am very fine. But that did not affect me , because I lived worse at home”.

Indeed, Cindy Bruna lived through hell when she was a child. Her stepfather would have been very violent with her, but also her mother: “That’s the whole trap … We had very nice holidays, moments of peace and then surges of hatred. I think my mother wanted believe that she could cure him of all these demons. And then the alcohol took over and we dreaded the evenings when he came home late and where everything could change for my mother. Physical, verbal, sexual violence…”. A family situation that gave him a very bad image of the male sex: “I don’t want to generalize. I was lucky to have my real dad. He wasn’t perfect, but I I had a lot of love for him (he died). My sister is very happy with her husband. No, I haven’t lost my confidence in men. I have a love life, everything is fine”.

Cindy Bruna: “From the first days, the violence was there”

Cindy Bruna returned to the violence she had witnessed when she was younger: “My mother fell in love, she wanted to believe it, even if, from the first days, the violence was there. The scenes, the insults, slaps (…) My stepfather has, in addition, an addiction to alcohol. My mother endures his anger, even when, at the table, he calls her a ‘nigger’. Today, I understood that as a black woman she suffered the double harm of sexual and racial violence”.



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