If Christophe Maé is happy and in love, he makes it a point of honor to protect his private life. This is why he very rarely mentions the one who has shared his life for 20 years, Nadège Maé-Sarron. Together, they are parents of a boy named Jules, born March 11, 2008, then a second boy, Marcel, born August 16, 2013. After years of living perfect love, the couple decided to formalize by saying “yes” to life in June 2017. If the singer very rarely talks about his family life in the media, he can sometimes do so through his songs. This is once again the case in the title Ma femme me saoule, certainly provocative but also filled with love. In any case, this is what he confided in the columns of Télé-Loisirs, on February 27, 2023.

“It’s a very pretty declaration of love and I think she understood the intention of this song”, confided the singer at first before evoking his beautiful love story. “It was immediate! It’s been twenty years, we know each other by heart.” During all these years, the couple has experienced moments of happiness but also more difficult times. “She lived everything with me: she knew the evenings at the piano bar. I had a rotten 4L and she helped me carry my speakers. When I told her that I had found an apartment in Paris and that I asked her to come with me, it was an 11 square meter maid’s room. She went through all the trouble with me.”

Christophe Maé about his wife: “She’s someone extraordinary”

“She’s an extraordinary person because she revealed a strength in me that I didn’t know she had. She pushed me, she’s always been there. So to make a statement to her like that twenty years later, it’s was obvious”, he said again with a declaration, always with humor: “She pisses me off, but I piss her off as much, or even more. That’s the couple relationship!”

Christophe Maé madly in love: this superb statement from the singer to his wife, Nadège Maé-Sarron

Christophe Maé and Nadège Maé-Sarron © RACHID BELLAK

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