Christophe Lambert: his confidences on his “fusional relationship” with his daughter Eleanor

Interviewed by Ici Paris this Wednesday September 16, 2020, Christophe Lambert spoke about his former addiction to alcohol and the importance of his daughter in the management of her addiction. The Franco-American actor has indeed “completely stopped smoking and drinking”. He is now content “with a drink from time to time, but the alcohol remains festive”. “It’s no longer a need,” he adds. With our colleagues, the ex-companion of Sophie Marceau revealed that the trigger that allowed him to stop drinking was himself, but also his only child.

“She is the only person who has never judged me. At 15, she told me that she understood my problem. I did not want to make her carry the weight of my addiction on the shoulders”, says Christophe Lambert before adding: “The love I have for my daughter and the one she has for me was the trigger”. It must be said that Eleonor Jasmine, born 27 years ago from her old love affair with actress Diane Lane, and he are very close. Nothing to do with the rather cold relationship that Christophe Lambert had with his own parents. “We have a very close relationship, but I make sure not to be stifling,” says the 63-year-old actor and film producer.

Like father like daughter

“Eleanor is very independent and has always been very open-minded. She knows that there will never be a problem between us if she tells me the truth”, specifies the father, obviously very proud of his offspring. And he’s got plenty, since the young woman “has just finished her first film as an actress”, is a “model”, “writes for three internet magazines”, “runs a chocolate factory” and “takes acting classes”. “She is hyperactive: it is my daughter, no doubt about it”, concludes Christophe Lambert, who seems to have transmitted his personality and his love for the seventh art to his child.

Christophe Lambert and his daughter Eleanor Lambert © FAMEFLYNET

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