A real Christmas tragedy. In Wales, two 20-year-old best friends were killed in a road accident after a day of shopping for their Christmas shopping. The drama happened on the way home, on the A5117 motorway, in the nation’s north of the UK. At the material time, Ellie Crossley and Rebecca Doughty were in a silver Citroën when their vehicle collided with a blue BMW at 9:28 p.m. Investigators are working to find out the origin of the accident.

Their friends and families paid tribute to these two inseparable girlfriends. “The two families, as well as their friends, were devastated by this tragic event and will miss them”, “Two girlfriends of always”, “Close friends during their short life, they will remain forever in our hearts”, one could read within the messages of their relatives.

The driver of the other vehicle between life and death

Detectives have called for witnesses to get images of the collision. The road was closed for several hours. A 28-year-old man, who was the driver of the BMW, had to be pulled from his car by firefighters and taken to hospital with serious injuries. A Cheshire Police spokesperson said: ‘Investigations into the collision are ongoing and officers are looking for anyone who witnessed the collision, or anyone with camera footage of edge that might help the investigation. “

A Christmas drama © Pexels

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