Christina Milian: what is the singer’s real name?

Want a scoop? Christina Milian isn’t Christina Milian’s real name. In fact, she was born under the name Christine Flores. No complicated explanation for that: she preferred to take her mother’s name, Carmen Milian, rather than that of her father, Don Flores. As for Christina’s A, it is to recall her Latin origins: the parents of M Pokora’s partner are of Cuban origin. For the record, the singer has two little sisters, Danielle and Elizabeth. The three of them were hoping to break into show business, so their mother decided to leave the town of Waldorf, Maryland, for Los Angeles, so her daughters could audition.

Finally, Christina is the first to have made a name for herself in the business. At 9, she got the lead role in the musical Annie, an institution in the United States. She began her career as an actress and very quickly, we can see her in Sister, Sister in 1996, La famille Delajungle, Clueless or Charmed. Each time, they were supporting roles, and it is ultimately in the music that the artist is really known, with his first album, titled Christina Milian, quite simply.

What are Christina Milian’s activities?

Did you know Christina Milian co-wrote Justin Bieber’s hit Baby? Indeed, if she is discreet, the interpreter of When You Look At Me shines in many areas. She has released four albums – the last one was released in 2015 – and she starred in numerous movies and series until 2019, even becoming the star of a Netflix romantic comedy, Falling Inn Love. Between the birth of her two sons, Isaiah (born in 2020) and Kenna (born in 2021) and the Covid pandemic, Violet’s mother preferred to withdraw to nurture. But that’s not all … The mother of Mr Pokora’s children is also co-owner of a wine company, Viva Diva Wines, which she owns with her mother and her press officer, and she owns two fast food trucks, as well as a store in California.


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