Christina Milian mom: Matt Pokora’s sweetheart shares tender photo of daughter Violet and son Kenna

Christina Milian and M. Pokora are in heaven! The couple welcomed a second child on April 24. And with the big sister, family ties are already very strong! Indeed, Christina Milian shared a photo of Violet tenderly holding little Kenna.

“I feel like Kenna recognizes her big sister just from all the time I spent talking to her in my stomach. He’s just very calm and keeps staring at her. I love my kids # lucky mother,” wrote Christina Milian on Instagram, Saturday May 1st.

“You and Me +3”

The couple gladly shared the arrival of little Kenna on April 24 with their fans. The former leader of the Linkup group was responsible for relaying the information on Instagram with a black and white photo of him and his baby.

“24/4/2021 Welcome my son … Our little Kenna is doing well and his mum, once again, has been amazing. Everyone is in great shape. #Blessed @christinamilian”, put Mr Pokora in caption to the photo. Recall that Christina Milian announced her pregnancy on December 10, 2020 on Instagram by sharing a photo of Matt Pokora kissing her baby bump at sunset. “You and Me + 3”, she had written as a caption to the pictures she had published.

Recall that Christina Milian already had a first child, Violet, from her previous union. From the start of the relationship, Matt Pokora had taken the role of stepfather very seriously: he considers Violet to be his first child.

M. Pokora, Christina Milian, Violet and Isaiah © INSTAGRAM CHRUSTINA MILIAN

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