A private moment before the baby arrives. The more the days go by, the closer Christina Milian and Matt Pokora are to the day they will welcome their second child, together. Aware that romantic outings will be a little rarer, when they will have to start to pamper again, the couple decided to take advantage of the last weeks of Madam’s pregnancy, to spend time just for the two of them. Thus, this Friday, January 23, the actress shared a snapshot of the most romantic on her Instagram account. Out for a snack break at the Franco-American pastry Michelina Los Angeles, she strikes a pose with the interpreter of the Planets. Matt Pokora tenderly embraces his beautiful, his lips resting on his darling’s cheek while his hand caresses her baby bump.

“A love that does not stop growing every day” commented the mother of Violet and Isaiah in legend. A pretty statement that can be read both literally and figuratively, where Christina Milian refers as well to her growing feelings for Matt Pokora, as to her baby who is also growing a little more every day in her woman’s womb. pregnant. In any case, this beautiful photo did not fail to make Internet users crack: “So cute”, “The most beautiful”, “You are beautiful, your couple exudes happiness and love” can we read in the comments.

Christina Milian embarks on entrepreneurship

A few days earlier, on April 10, it was very good news that Matt Pokora and Christina Milian celebrated together. The pretty brunette has teamed up with one of her best friends to start her own donut shop. For the inauguration of this one, the ex of The Dream pulled out the big game, by organizing a parade in the streets of Los Angeles. Pregnant, Christina Milian paraded on a float, supported by her darling singer. A great moment of joy, before the one that the little family is about to experience in the maternity ward very soon.

Matt Pokora and Christina Milian © Instagram

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