Christina Aguilera: what she understood from rereading her old diaries

She was very transparent. Christina Aguilera gave an interview to Health magazine this Tuesday, April 13. For the occasion, the 40-year-old singer made some confidences about her debut. She first revealed to have found “old diaries dating from her childhood and adolescence in a trunk”. Curious, she wanted to read the content and confided that this initiative had been “scary because I had to face old feelings”. However, she only wanted to draw the positive: “It really forced me to look at myself in a mirror. I noticed that I was not satisfied with a lot of things, and it’s scary to face. to those kinds of feelings that, under normal circumstances, you don’t experience. ” Her career started when she was only 9 years old and Christina Aguilera had to grow up in the spotlight and therefore, critics. This discovery, however, allowed her to achieve a very important thing: “It is crucial to have moments to think and just breathe,” she concludes.

“I now allow myself to breathe,” says Christina Aguilera who then confides that she has always been very “open about my struggles with depression and anxiety. It is a constant battle to try to overcome an anxious mind, which is always in the process of questioning itself, ”she adds. As her career started very early, the singer looked back on how she felt at the time: “Coming into this industry, I hated being very thin. Once I was 21, I started to gain a little weight and I loved my new forms “. If today she can look at herself with pride, she says that was not always the case. “It is very difficult for me to see pictures from that time again. I would never want to relive my 20 years. You spend your time wondering who you are and you try to be confident,” she said before d. ‘add: “With age, you stop comparing yourself to others and you start to appreciate your body and make it your own,” she concludes.

A new project for Christina Aguilera

In this interview with Health magazine, Christina Aguilera revealed that she is currently working on a new project. “I am working on an album in English and one in Spanish. I am 20 years late”, she said first before affirming: “I am a perfectionist and I want to give the best of myself, especially because of the introspection I have done over the past year and the new perspective I have “. The singer took advantage of this year’s break due to the coronavirus pandemic to refocus on herself: “I am inspired again and I have reconnected with myself,” she concludes.

Christina Aguilera © Instagram

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