Christian Eriksen unconscious in the middle of a match: the incredible reflex of his teammates during his resuscitation

The worst was avoided … Saturday June 12, 2021, on the lawn of the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen, the match between Denmark and Finland took place. If the latter went well, it was a few minutes before halftime of this meeting that Christian Eriksen collapsed on the lawn. Before the medical team arrived on the pitch, the Danish player was able to count on his team-mate and captain, Simon Kjaer. Taking the magnitude of the drama that was happening when he saw Christian Eriksen inanimate and his eyes rolled back, then provided him with first aid, thus placing him in a side position of safety.

If during the first minutes of the intervention of the carers, Simon Kjaer behaved remarkably and kept his hand on Christian Eriksen’s shoulder for several minutes, his teammates had an incredible reflex! As the medical team gave him cardiac massage, the team formed a circle around him to protect him from the cameras. A few minutes later, the 29-year-old was evacuated by the medical team on a stretcher, while remaining hidden by a sheet and accompanied by all of his teammates, who were very worried.

Huge respect to the Danish players who hid Eriksen’s body from the cameras

– T’Foot (@TFoot__) June 12, 2021

Christian Eriksen is alive

After Denmark’s defeat against Finland, the Danish doctor explained in a press conference: “We were called to the field when Christian collapsed, I had not seen him fall myself, but it was was clear he was unconscious.When we got near him he was on his side, he was breathing and I could feel his pulse, but suddenly everything changed and as everyone could see we started to send him a cardiac message. The medical team (of the tournament) arrived quickly and with their help, we did what we had to do. We managed to get Christian back. ” Reassuring news!

Christian Eriksen © Moreau-Perusseau

Christian Eriksen © Moreau-Perusseau
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