Christian Eriksen: the latest news from the player still in the hospital

The news is reassuring for Christian Eriksen. On Saturday 12 June, in the middle of a match against Finland, the Danish footballer collapsed on the pitch, his eyes rolled back, causing panic among the players who immediately put him in a safe side position, while the team medical does not happen. Aware when leaving the stadium, the number 10 of the Danish selection was hospitalized urgently in the Rigshospitalet establishment, which is located in Copenhagen. And Sunday, June 13, the Danish football federation gave its news.

“He was able to talk to his teammates on Sunday morning, but still remains hospitalized for further examinations,” the federation told AFP in a statement relayed by Paris Match. Victim of discomfort, Christian Eriksen was certainly saved by the cardiac massage which was immediately lavished on him, while his teammates gathered around him to hide him from the cameras. A strong gesture for the footballer who plays at Inter Milan keeps a little privacy in this painful moment, which has drawn some tears among the players. “We managed to bring Christian back,” said doctor Martin Boesen, on the occasion of the press conference given at the end of the day.

Who is Sabrina Kvist, Christian Eriksen’s partner?

Alarmed by the commotion around Christian Eriksen, Sabrina Kvist, who has shared the footballer’s life since 2012, broke down in tears before being comforted by Danish footballers, including team captain Simon Kjaer. It must be said that upon the arrival of help, the player’s condition rapidly deteriorated, thus requiring an emergency measure. “When we got near him, he was on his side, he was breathing and I could feel his pulse, but suddenly everything changed and as everyone could see, we started giving him a heart message” , reported the doctor. Now, his companion is with him, while he recovers from his discomfort.

Christian Eriksen © Moreau-Perusseau

Christian Eriksen © Moreau-Perusseau
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