The life of an actor is not easy. In the 2000s, Christian Bale made a name for himself in Hollywood by playing Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, until slipping in 2005, for three films, in the skin of the hero of DC Comics, Batman. The beginning of physical roles for the actor, who will subsequently chain the catches and weight losses to best match the pace of his characters, as for Fighter, for the needs of which he lost 20 kilos, before d ‘take 18 for American Bluff. However, these consecutive changes were not without consequences for the actor, who in 2016 had to give up filming a biopic on Enzo Ferrari for health reasons.

“I could lose and gain so much weight before and I did not feel different”, had thus entrusted the actor to the Hindustan Times, specifying that he felt then “invincible”. But these changes for her body and her age put an end to that ease. “I have had a series of accidents – motorcycle accidents, concussions. I have so much metal in my body that keeps me together,” he said. Indeed, it turns out that Christian Bale could be described as a daredevil actor, and this, not necessarily in filming.

What accidents has Christian Bale been the victim of?

In 2015, he was the victim of a motorcycle accident at home, tearing his anterior cruciate ligament, while in 2012, another motorcycle accident had damaged the nerves of one of his arms, making him almost out of use for several months. And if after that we believed him calmed down, it is not. In 2017, Christian Bale again appeared unrecognizable for a role, with weight gain due to meals consisting of “a lot of pies” according to his entourage. A weight immediately taken, immediately lost, he who had found himself having to lose 28 kilos for The Machinist, released in 2004, going up to weigh 55 kilos at the time of filming.

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