Chrissy Teigen: this very surprising daring new hair dye!

Chrissy Teigen changes her mind. The American model and TV host unveiled the results of her latest hair craze on Instagram on April 9. Goodbye her brown hair with honey highlights, it is for a candy pink color that John Legend’s wife has cracked. A most daring change of look that she owes to her two hairdressers Irinel de Léon and Priscilla Vales. One took care of the dyeing of the star, while the other was responsible for putting extensions to her to lengthen her long hair by a few centimeters. What delight the mother of Luna and Miles who warmly thanked her team for this successful transformation. His fans were also seduced by this new hairstyle, which many of them now want to reproduce. Little stingy in advice, Chrissy Teigen revealed to them how to go about getting the same color as her: “If you want to get that color, mix Manic Panic Cotton Candy with Pravana Rose Quartz.” A recommendation that some will not fail to follow to the letter.

Chrissy Teigen fan of look changes

Chrissy Teigen is one of those personalities who aren’t afraid to have fun with their looks. A true discerning fashionista, she is ready to try out all the latest trends. On the hairstyle side, she is also a big fan of wigs, which allow her to completely change her appearance in a snap … but also to fool her subscribers. On March 26, Internet users wondered when they discovered new pictures of Chrissy Teigen on Instagram with silver gray hair. The star had then revealed to them the pot in pink, explaining to have simply put on a wig.

Chrissy Teigen © STARMAX

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