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Chrissy Teigen reveals the causes of her baby’s death

After several weeks of silence, Chrissy Teigen speaks. On October 1, the model announced on social networks the tragic loss of her third child after 20 weeks of pregnancy. A gesture widely criticized, but which does not seem to have reached her, since it is once again publicly that she has chosen to speak out about this miscarriage, in an open letter in which she reveals in particular the causes of the death of his baby. “My doctors diagnosed me with a partial detachment of the placenta”, she revealed, explaining to have “always had problems with the placenta”.

In this letter, Chrissy Teigen explains in fact that she had to give birth to her son Miles a month earlier because he was not receiving “enough food”. “But this was my first abutment. We watched it very closely, in the hope that things would heal and stop. In bed I was bleeding and bleeding, lightly but all day long, changing my own diapers all. the two hours, ”she recalls. Bedridden for a month, Chrissy Teigen specifies that she did everything to ensure that her pregnancy reached 28 weeks to give birth to her son, named Jack, who could then have survived, even as a premature baby.

Chrissy Teigen: “I don’t care if you hate these photos”

A few days ago, it was smiling and wearing a long pink dress that Chrissy Teigen made a discreet first outing since the disappearance of her baby. Very criticized for having shared pictures of his miscarriage, but also of his baby a few hours after his birth, the wife of John Legend also did not fail to respond to these attacks in her open letter. “I can’t express how little I care that you hate these photos. I don’t care if it’s something you wouldn’t have done,” she says bluntly, she who has been supported by celebrities like Kate Beckinsale. “I lived it, I chose to do it, and more than anything, these photos are only intended for people who have been through it or who are curious enough to wonder what something like this looks like. photos are only intended for people who need them. I don’t care what other people think, “she concludes.

Chrissy Teigen © Instagram

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