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Chrissy Teigen pregnant: why she was rushed to hospital

On the night of Sunday 27 to Monday, September 28, 2020, Chrissy Teigen was hospitalized urgently at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. For several weeks, the wife of John Legend, currently pregnant with their third child, had been bedridden because of regular bleeding. In a story shared on Instagram, the 34-year-old model revealed that the bleeding has intensified. “You all know that I have been bedridden for several weeks and that I have to seriously rest. I get up to pee and I take two baths a week, no shower”, she explained before continuing “but I bleeding again and again. I’m halfway through my pregnancy and have been bleeding for about a month. It’s a lot more than your usual period, girls (…), every time I go to the bathroom I bleed, when I am lying down, I bleed “.

The baby is healthy

Regarding her state of mind, Chrissy Teigen has revealed to be strangely happy and reassured. “I feel really good and the baby is healthy, he is stronger than Luna or Miles (editor’s note: his first two children), he moves all the time, more than they ever have. so happy for him, he is the strongest of little men “, she confided, concluding with humor as usual” the strongest of little men in a house of m ** de “, referring to her placenta. Indeed, since the beginning of her pregnancy, the wife of John Legend has explained on several occasions having a “rotten placenta”. In a story posted on September 17th, Chrissy Teigen explained, “It’s still the bad part of my pregnancy. With Luna. With Miles, my placenta just stopped feeding him, taking care of him. I stole his food. since I was getting huge and he wasn’t, so he had to go out earlier and Luna too “.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend will be parents of a third child © Backgrid

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