Chrissy Teigen pregnant and in hospital: John Legend’s wife gives news

The third pregnancy of Chrissy Teigen is not easy … This Monday, September 28, the wife of John Legend was hospitalized urgently at the hospital of the stars, the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. For several weeks, the model pregnant with her third child has suffered from intense bleeding which forces her to remain bedridden. And that is why she had to be transferred to this establishment. “I’m bleeding again and again. I’m halfway through my pregnancy and have been bleeding for about a month. It’s way more than your usual period girls (…), every time I go in the bathroom I bleed, when I am lying down, I bleed “, she explained on Instagram. At the hospital, she received two blood transfusions. Live from her bed, Chrissy Teigen updated on her and her future boy, “in perfect health”: “I had my first blood transfusion, which seems so much more dramatic than it is. is like an IV, except it’s not fluids, it’s human blood. ”

Hospitalized more than four months pregnant, Chrissy Teigen can count on the presence and support of John Legend, who does not leave her. But above all, their future child is doing like a charm. “I feel really good and the baby is healthy, he is stronger than Luna or Miles (his first two children, editor’s note), he moves all the time, more than they ever have. so happy for him, he is the strongest of little men “, she confided, concluding with humor as usual:” the strongest of little men in a house of m ** de “. For several weeks, Chrissy Teigen has suffered from bleeding in part due to the condition of her placenta. “It’s still the bad part of my pregnancy. With Luna. With Miles my placenta just stopped feeding him, taking care of him. I was stealing his food since I was getting huge and he wasn’t, so he had to come out. earlier and Luna too, “she confided a few weeks ago.

A little boy in the next few months

It is therefore with concern but hope that Chrissy Teigen is experiencing her third pregnancy. As a reminder, the happy news was announced by John Legend last August and on video. A new pregnancy that fills with happiness the ex-star model of Sports Illustrated, already mother of two children: Luna Simone, born April 14, 2016 and Miles Theodore, born May 16, 2018. A few weeks ago, the future mom had blundered by accidentally revealing the gender of her unborn baby. “It’s very weird because the baby is really really healthy. He’s huge. He’s definitely… Oops, that was stupid,” she said on Instagram, using the masculine. In a few months, a little boy will come to enlarge the model family of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. As for the future mother, she will have to take her illness patiently and hope that her pregnancy continues under better auspices.

Chrissy Teigen © instagram

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