In an interview on SiriusXM’s Pop Culture Spotlight, Chris Pratt, 43, opened up to many revelations, including the fact that he doesn’t like being called by his first name “Chris.” The Jurassic World actor even bothered to give us his full name, Christopher Michael Pratt. Chris Pratt had indicated that he preferred to be called by his nicknames: Pratt or CP.

Chris Pratt also shared that he “feels weird” when people call him Chris, even though they’re his friends. CP even shared an anecdote: “But nobody calls me Chris. My friend, Chad. is calling Chris? I’ll call you Chris. Alright Chris. You’re in.” And I was like, “No, that feels weird. It’s not my name. Don’t call me Chris”

Chris Pratt: CP to distinguish himself from the rest of the Ch’tis in Hollywood

His nicknames are also a way for the Star Lord actor in Guardians of the Galaxy to distinguish himself from the “Chris Club of Hollywood” with Marvel co-stars: Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans. In fact, in 2019, Chris Pratt was voted “the worst Chris in Hollywood”. On Chris Evans’ 40th birthday in 2021, Chris Hemsworth made a joke of posting an image of the wrong Chris with a birthday message, “Happy 40th birthday Chris Evans, you’ll always be number 1 in my book.”

This was an image with Chris Pratt all smiles instead of said Evans. If many supporters participated in the joke, others did not really understand. The Chris confusion even affects Pratt’s stepfather, Arnold Schwarzenegger. In 2021, during an Instagram live charity event hosted by CP, the Terminator actor said, “Hello Chris…Evans, oh no Chris Evans, sorry I’m going to mess this up from the start, Chris Pratt.”

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